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Tunisian Armed Forces seal
القوات المسلحة التونسية
Founded 24 June 1956
Service branches Army
Air Force
Headquarters Tunis
Commander-in-Chief President Béji Caïd Essebsi
Minister of National Defense Farhat Horchani
Active personnel 45,000 - 60,000
Deployed personnel Unknown number in UN Missions
Percent of GDP 1.6%
Foreign suppliers  United States
 South Korea
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  • Battle of Ben Guerdane
  • Tunisian Armed Forcesالقوات المسلحة التونسية


    Following independence[edit]

    The military and politics[edit]

    The Library of Congress Country Study says:

    General Staff[edit]

    In December 2010, the staff is composed as follows: Chief of Staff of the Army corps is the General Rashid Ammar, one of the Air Force is Brigadier General Taieb Lajimi and that the navy is Rear Admiral Mohamed Khamassi. In April 2011, Ammar became chief of staff inter-armed.

    The Inspector General of the armed forces is Rear Admiral Tarek Faouzi Larbi, the Director of Military Engineering is Brigadier General Mohammed Hedi Abdelkafi and the director of military security Brigadier General Ahmed Chabir.

    Tunisian Army[edit]

    • three mechanised brigades baséd at Kairouan (3rd), Gabès (1st) and Béja (2nd). Each is composed of:
    • one armoured régiment (M60 Patton tanks)
    • two regiments of mechanised infantry (M113 armoured personnel carriers) (11th-17th Mechanised Infantry Regiments have been reported)
    • one artillery regiment (M198 howitzer)
    • one reconnaissance company (AML 90)
    • one Saharan territorial group at Borj el-Khadra and Remada, consisting of two light infantry regiments
    • one special forces group (Groupe des Forces Spéciales)
    • one military police régiment

    Army Ranks[edit]

    Général de corps d'armée Général de division Général de brigade Colonel-major Colonel Lieutenant-colonel Commandant Capitaine Lieutenant Sous-lieutenant
    English: Army Corps General English: Divisional General English: Brigadier General English: Colonel Major English: Colonel English: Lieutenant-Colonel English: Major English: Captain English: First Lieutenant English: Second Lieutenant
    Arabic: فريق أول‎‎ Arabic: فريق‎‎ Arabic: أمير لواء‎‎ Arabic: عميد‎‎ Arabic: عقيد‎‎ Arabic: مقدم‎‎ Arabic: رائد‎‎ Arabic: نقيب‎‎ Arabic: ملازم أول‎‎ Arabic: ملازم‎‎
    NCO & Enlisted
    Adjudant-major Adjudant-chef Adjudant Sergent-chef Sergent Caporal-chef Caporal Soldat de première classe Soldat de deuxième classe
    English: Sergeant Major English: Master Sergeant English: Sergeant First class English: staff Sergeant English: Sergeant English: Master Corporal English: Corporal English: Private First Class English: Private
    Arabic: وكيل أعلى ‎‎ Arabic: وكيل أول‎‎ Arabic: وكيل‎‎ Arabic: عريف أول‎‎ Arabic: عريف‎‎ Arabic: رقيب أول‎‎ Arabic: رقيب‎‎ Arabic: جندي أول‎‎ Arabic: جندي‎‎

    Enlisted personnel[edit]

    • Privet
    • Privet 1st Class
    • Corporal
    • Master Corporal

    Non-Commissioned Officers[edit]

    • Sergeant
    • staff Sergeant
    • Sergeant 1st class
    • Master Sergeant
    • Sergeant Major


    • Second-lieutenant
    • Lieutenant
    • Captain
    • Major
    • Lieutenant Colonel
    • Colonel
    • Colonel-Major
    • Brigadier General
    • Major General
    • General Of The Army

    Air Force equipment[edit]

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    Naval attack/search and rescue helicopters[edit]

    • 2 Sikorsky HH-3E Pelican
    • 16 Sikorsky S-61R Pelican
    • 1 SNIAS AS-365N Dauphin-II

    Medium transport helicopters[edit]

    • 2 Sikorsky S-76 Spirit
    • 4 Agusta Bell AB-412EP
    • 1 SNIAS SA-330C Puma
    • 4 Agusta-Bell AB-212
    • 6 Bell UH-1N
    • 18 Bell 205\UH-1H Iroquois
    • 18 Agusta-Bell AB205B

    Light transport helicopters[edit]

    • 2 SNIAS AS-355 Ecureuil-II
    • 12 SNIAS AS-350B Ecureuil
    • 8 SNIAS AS-316B Alouette-III
    • 7 SNIAS AS-313 Alouette-II


    • AIM-9J Sidewinder AAMs
    • AGM-65A Maverick AGMs
    • Raytheon BGM-71C Improved-Tow (for MD-500 Defender Helicopters)
    • MBDA HOT for SA-342 Helicopters

    Navy equipment[edit]

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    Marine nationale tunisienne

    Fast attack craft and gunboats include:

    • 3 La Combattante III class fast attack craft La Galite class in Tunisian service (with 8xMM-40 SSMs, 1x76mm Gun, 2x40mm Guns, 4x30mm Guns)[3]
    • 6 Type-143 Lurssen Albatros class (2x76mm Gun,Mine Laying Capability)
    • 3 P-48 Bizerte class with 4x37mm Guns. Eight SS-12M SSMs were removed as obsolete.
    • 3-5 Modified Hazhui\Shanghai-II class (128 ft,30 knots, 4x37mm Guns, 4x25mm Guns)

    Patrol boats[edit]

    • 65 Foot (20.3M) Full Cabin Inboard Patrol Boats- Features dual 1600hp MTU 10V2000 diesel engines, shock mitigating seating, climate control, navigation package, and are capable of speeds in excess of 40 knots[16]. Built by U.S. Boat Builder SAFE Boats International and propulsion system designed and supplied by Pacific Power Group[17].
    • 1 Ch.Navals De Lestrel 31.5m class (104 ft,30 knots,2x20mm Guns)
    • 3 Ch.Navals De Lestrel 25m (83 ft,23 knots,1x20mm)
    • 5 Bremse class (22.6m,2x14.5mm HMGs)[18]
    • 4 Gabes class(12.9m,2x12.7mm HMGs)
    • 4 Rodman-38 class(11.6m)
    • 2 Vosper Thornycroft 103 ft class (27 knota,2x20mm Guns)
    • 6 20meter long PCs
    • 1 Istiklal (Independence ) 26.5meter Long PC source + Picture


    • Boeing Insitu ScanEagle[19]

    Weapons of mass destruction[edit]


    Further reading[edit]

    • Fernanda Faria and Alvaro Vasconcelos, “Security in Northern Africa: Ambiguity and Reality,” Chaillot Paper Series, no. 25 (September 1996),
    • Lutterbeck, 'Arab Uprisings and Armed Forces,' Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces
    • “Civil-Military Relations in North Africa,” Middle East Policy, 14, 4 (2007).

    External links[edit]

    • Republic of Tunisia Ministry of National Defense
    • The CIA World Factbook
    • http://legislation-securite.tn - Tunisian security legislation via the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF)
    •  This article incorporates public domain material from the CIA World Factbook document "2006 edition".
    • Tunisia’s Security Concerns

    Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tunisian_Armed_Forces

    Article #2

    Why he did it – and why the Left in America is defending those lies — is more important for patriots to understand.

    The full text of Obama’s speech at the Baltimore mosque is available on the White House website and has been helpfully reprinted by the New York Times. Anyone who thinks my criticism of the speech is unwarranted is invited to read the full text and tell me where I have misrepresented his remarks.

    Of course, the speech had some platitudes about our nation’s history of tolerance and freedom of speech, and we all support the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of worship. But even in recounting America’s historic commitment to religious tolerance, Obama misrepresents the Founders’ views of Islam.

    • Jefferson did indeed include “Mohammadans” – as Muslims were known in those times– as entitled to freedom of worship, but he included them for the purpose of making clear that even the most extreme, non-Christian religions were welcome in America.
    • But in 1805, President Jefferson had a different encounter with Islam when he sent the U.S. Marines to fight the young nation’s first battle on foreign soil –against Muslims in Tunisia and Tripoli who were kidnapping American, French and British sailors and holding them for ransom. They were called the Barbary Pirates.

    But Obama’s gift for fabrication was not limited to mischaracterizing Islam’s place in American history. He also misquoted the Koran—more than once.

    • Obama bizarrely invented a new translation of the word “Islam” itself, saying incorrectly that the word comes from the same root as the Muslim word for peace—salam, as in, “peace be with you.” In fact, in Arabic, the word “Islam” means “submission,” not peace, meaning submission to Allah and the teachings of his prophet, Mohammad.
    • This is remarkably – and not accidentally—parallel to orthodox Marxist-Leninist doctrine as spelled out in the Communist Manifesto that true world peace is possible only with the worldwide victory of communism, which brings the “classless society” — the end of the presumed source of all conflict, private property and capitalism. To the disciples of the Prophet Mohammad, peace is possible only with the subjugation of all infidels.
    • Obama also misquoted Islamic scripture in parts of his speech, even going so far as to suggest that Islamic teaching on killing is the same as the Christian, which is patently untrue. Several sections of the Koran and other sacred texts teach that infidels and “apostates” must be killed if they do not submit to Islam.
    • Contrary to Obama, Islam has no equivalent to the Christian biblical teaching of the Golden Rule. Obama’s efforts to suggest a kindred spirit uniting Islam and Christianity is pure hogwash and can only be called propaganda.

    Similar lies and whitewashes of Islam have been chronicled by respected scholars of Islam like Robert Spencer. You can start with Spencer’s The Complete Infidel’s Guide to the Koran, and then read The Muslim Brotherhood in America.

    It is true that many Muslims – indeed, a majority of Muslims– do not follow the teachings of the Koran and the words of the Prophet Mohammad. There are indeed millions of “moderate Muslims” in the United States who do not support the goals of jihadists.

    But the important point is that those millions of “moderate” Muslims are moderate precisely because they are not devout and do not follow all of the teachings of the Koran. That is one of the truths tht Obama denies in his Baltimore speech.

    But it’s not enough to list the many lies in the Baltimore speech; that’s the easy part. The more important thing is to understand WHY Obama and the entire liberal-left establishment would want to lie about Islam.

    • Why does the President of the United States distort and defend the ideological fountainhead of America’s number one enemy, radical Islam?
    • Why does the Left and practically the entire media establishment continually mislead Americans about the true character of Islam?
    • Why does Obama insist on saying “Islam must not be blamed for the actions of a few,” when legitimate polls reveal that from 15% to 30% of all Muslims sympathize with the goals of the jihadists?

    Why, Mr. President?

    The easy answer would be if Obama is a secret Muslim and so, psychologically, cannot admit the truth about his own chosen religion when so many of his brethren are engaged in murderous attacks on this country. That may be true, but since we cannot read Obama’s heart, we can’t know that for certain.

    Even if that were true, it would not explain the duplicity of millions of other Americans and Europeans who willingly put on blinders each morning, who knowingly and continuously spout lies about the “religion of peace.”

    The fundamental reason for the Orwellian passion for not only accepting the lie but actively promoting it is the commitment to the universal leftist maxim — blame the victim.

    • To a leftist crusader for “social justice,” when a man walking down the street minding his own business is attacked, robbed and beaten to death by a gang of thugs, it was his own fault: he invited the attack by tolerating a society with inequality of wealth.
    • In the same way, to devout Muslims, a woman walking alone without a male escort is inviting rape. This is not a tenet of “radical” Islam, it is a tent of orthodox Islam.

    In the same vein, to the Left, America is immutably and irredeemably so sinful and so guilty of so many historical wrongs that Islam is right to reject assimilation.

    • There are no “innocent civilians” killed by terrorists: Leftist University of Colorado pseudo scholar Ward Churchill was right when he said the 2000 Americans who died in the Twin Towers on 9/11 “deserved what they got.”
    • America’s historical sins of racism, sexism, and capitalist exploitation disqualify us from rendering any moral judgment against Islam.

    While it is true that Islam’s religious beliefs about women, gays and all “infidels” are repugnant to progressives, this does not mean progressives should criticize Islam. To serious progressives, Islam is a victim, not an aggressor. Because Islam is waging war on the corrupt and sinful West, the maxim, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” rules the day.

    The Left has formed an unwritten but soulful strategic alliance with Islam against the traditional values and institutions of Western Civilization.

    • This unspoken strategic political alliance justifies – indeed requires– remaining silent about Islam’s transgressions. It justifies calling the most intolerant religion on the planet a religion of peace.
    • It justifies telling fairytales about Islam, a religion which in its most sacred texts calls for the conquest and killing of other religious faithful if they will not voluntarily convert or submit to Islam and Islamic Sharia law.


    Obama’s speech to the Islamic Society of Baltimore was a predictable follow-up to his 2009 speech to the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo, where he asked forgiveness for America’s past sins and pledged to be an equal partner with Islamic nations.

    The real question, then is not why Obama lies about Islam, it is why so many people tolerate it, applaud it, and join in the lies and the smears against those who dare to tell the truth.


    Source: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/02/06/why-did-obama-tell-brazen-and-lies-at-the-baltimore-mosque/

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