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Military of Paraguay
Paraguayan Coat of Arms
Service branches Paraguayan Army
Paraguayan Air Force
Paraguayan Navy
Commander-in-Chief President Horacio Cartes
Minister of Defense General of the Army Bernardino Soto Estigarribia (Retired)
Commander of the Armed Forces General of the Army Luis Gonzaga Garcete Espinola
Military age 18
Available for
military service
1,678,335[1], age 16–49 (2010 est.)
Fit for
military service
1,409,859, age 16–49 (2010 est.)
Reaching military
age annually
73,367 (2010 est.)
Active personnel 15,650 active military (2016)[2]
14,800 paramilitary (2012)[2]
Reserve personnel 168,500 (2012)[2]
Budget $US 248 million (2011)[2]
Percent of GDP 1.66%[1]
Foreign suppliers  Mexico
 United States
 United Kingdom

armed forces of Paraguay


Each corps has a weapons school run by its command. The logistical command manages 10 addresses materials, mobilization, health care, etc. The command of the Army Institute of Education administers three schools, commissioned and noncommissoned officers, a military academy, and the CIMEFOR (a center for pre-military study that trains Reserve officers).

Each of the nine divisions that make up the three corps has one or two regiments of infantry or cavalry, its platoon of engineers, its communications section, military police units, etc.


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Order of battle[edit]

COMANFLOT: Comando de la Flota de Guerra.(Fleet Forces Command)

COMIM: Comando de Infantería de Marina.(Fleet Marine Command)

  • Marine Forces Regiment

BIM 1 - Rosario

BIM 2 - Vallemi

BIM 3 - Carapegua

  • Marine Commando Battalion
  • COMAVAN(Naval Aviation Command)

Grupo Aeronaval de Helicópteros (GAHE), Sajonia

Escuadrilla de Helicópteros de Ataque (EHA)

Escuadrilla de Propósitos Generales (EPG)

Grupo Aeronaval de Propósitos Generales (GAPROGEN)

Grupo Aeronaval de Entrenamiento (GAEN)

  • COAPCOM: Comando de Apoyo al Combate.(Combat Support Command)
  • CINAE: Comando de Institutos Navales y Enseñanza(Naval Education and Training Command)
  • PGN: Prefectura General Naval.(General Naval Prefecture)

Cuartel General (Command)

Estado Mayor (HQ)

Prefectura Zona Pilar (Pilar Naval Prefecture)

Prefectura Zona Alberdi (Alberdi Naval Prefecture)

Prefectura Zona Central (Central Naval Prefecture)

Prefectura Zona Concepcion (Cencepcion Naval Prefecture)

Prefectura Zona Olimpo (Olimpo Naval Prefecture)

  • DIRMAT: Dirección del Material (Material Directorate)
  • DIAPSER: Dirección de Apoyo al Servicio (Service Support Directorate)

Naval aviation[edit]

Aircraft Origin Type Version In service Notes
Helibras HB350 Brazil utility HB350B 2[5]

Air Force[edit]

The units comprising the force are: the Aerotactico group (TAG) with three fighter squadrons (numbered 1 to 3), respectively equipped with the MB-326, T-33 and EMB-312.It is noteworthy that the first two are in storage or operating either by withdrawal of this aircraft. The squadron "Moros", equipped with Tucanos, has only one squadron (3 airplanes active). The Air Transport Group (GTA) operates aircraft of the CASA, DHC-6, and Beechcraft types. The Helicopter air group (HLG) has a SAR squadron, a utility squadron, and a squadron of attack craft, and is equipped with ex-Taiwanese UH-1H and Brazilian HB-350B aircraft. The Air Group Instruction (AFI) has materials and T-25 and T-35 aircraft. Photogrammetric called air group (GAF) and group aviation maintenance section (SEMAER) do not have aircraft assigned. The Parachute Brigade operates CASA aircraft.Paraguayan Helicopters constantly flew the skies of Asuncion during the visit of Pope Francis in July 2015

Order of battle[edit]

  • 1º BRIGADA AÉREA( Air Brigade) (Asunción/Base Aérea Ñu Guazú)

Grupo Aerotáctico ( Air Tactical Group)(Asunción/Base Aérea Pettirossi)

1º Escuadrón de Caza 'Guaraní' (Escuadrilla 'Orion' y 'Centauro'),no longer active

2º Escuadrón de Caza 'Indios' (Escuadrilla 'Taurus' y 'Scorpio'),no longer active

3º Escuadrón de Reconocimiento y Ataque 'Moros' (Reconnaissance and Attack Squadron)(Escuadrilla 'Gamma' y 'Omega'): EMB-312

Grupo Aéreo de Instrucción (Instrucción Air Group) 'Escuadrón Fenix': T-25A

Escuadrilla 'Antares' / 'Pantera' / 'Halcón': T-35A/B

Grupo de Transporte Aéreo(Transport Air Group) (Asunción/Base Aérea Pettirossi)

Escuadrilla de Transporte aéreo: C-212 (Asuncion/Base Aérea Ñu Guazu)

Escuadrilla Presidencial: DHC-6 (Asunción/Base Aérea Pettirossi)

Grupo Aéreo de Helicópteros(Helicopters Air Group): UH-1H / HB-350 (Asunción/Base Aérea Ñu-Guanzu)

Grupo Aéreo de Transporte Especial(Special Transport Air Group): CE u206, Ce 210N, Ce 402B, PA 32R, PZL 104 (Asunción/Base Aérea Ñu Guazu)

Grupo Aéreo Fotogramétrico (GAF)(Photogrammetric Air Group)

Grupo Aéreo Mantenimiento (SEMAR)(Maintenance Air Group)

  • BRIGADA AEROTRANSPORTADA 'SILVIO PETTIROSSI' (Airborne Brigade)(Asunción/Base Aérea Ñu Guazu)

Bat. Paracaid. (Para.batt.)

Bat. Apoy.Sev (Longist.Batt).

Escu. Paracaid. (Para. School)

Bat. Inf. Aeromo.( Airmobail batt.)

Bat.Securit. (Sec.Batt)


Comando Reg.Or.

Comando Reg. Oc.

Direcc. Meteo.


Unid. de Apoyo

Unid. de Servicio



Current inventory[edit]

Aircraft Origin Type Variant In service Notes
Combat aircraft
EMB 312 Tucano Brazil light attack / trainer 6[5]
Transport aircraft
Cessna 208 Caravan United States transport 2[5]
CASA C-212 Spain transport / medevac 4[5]
Helibras HB350 Brazil utility 3[5]
Bell UH-1 United States utility UH-1H 9[5]
Trainer aircraft
ENAER T-35 Chile basic trainer T-35 10[5]

Retired aircraft[edit]

  • North American T-6 Harvard - ground attack
  • Douglas C-47 Skytrain - support
  • Douglas C-54 Skymaster - support
  • de Havilland Canada DHC-3 Otter - support
  • de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter - support
  • Piper J-3 Cub - liaison
  • Cessna 185 - liaison
  • Hiller UH-12 - liaison
  • Bell H-13 Sioux - liaison
  • Morane-Saulnier MS.760 Paris - advanced training
  • North American T-6 Harvard - advanced training
  • Fokker S-11 - primary training
  • Aerotec T-23 - primary training

Military ranks[edit]

Officer ranks[edit]

The stars worn by Army and Air Force lieutenants (Sub-Teniente, Teniente, Teniente 1ro) and captains are silver in color. The ones worn by the Major, Lieutenant Colonel and Colonel are gold. The army officers branch is denoted by the color of circular pads under the stars, which is also the same color used for the chevron. Red denotes branches such as Infantry and Artillery, while Cavalry is denoted by a pink. A darker red denotes support branches such as Engineering Corps, Communications, and Intelligence. Green means Supply and Transportation, while purple is reserved for the Medicine Branch. Generals' special chevron consists of a woven depiction of the olive and palm found in the national emblem in gold threads.

Enlisted ranks[edit]

As in the case of the army officers, the army enlisted branch is denoted by the color of their chevrons and bars. The colors and meanings are the same as the ones explained above.

See also[edit]

  • List of wars involving Paraguay


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  • Joint Services Recognition Journal. London: Ministry of Defence. 1976. 
  • [1]
  • (army of Paraguay)

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