Nigeria escort

Nigeria escort

Welcome to Beauty Heritage Escorts

A high class International Nigerian Escort Agency where you will meet the most charming,beautiful,high class and sophisticated Nigerian, white female escorts,travel girls and Gigolos. We are proud to be the leading and best escorts services provider in Nigeria with our escort service stretching from Lagos,Abuja,Port Harcourt,Calabar,Benin,Asaba,Warri,Bayelsa and the rest of Nigeria.

We understand what it takes to keep satisfied smiles on the faces of our numerous clients as we ensure that we give you maximum satisfaction and also putting the safety and privacy of our clients in check. Nigeria is a wonderful place to be with so many tourist destinations and it is our job to ensure that we provide you with high class female escorts suitable for any occasion,our girls are personally screened and we ensure we only employ the most beautiful and decent girls in our agency who possess the best qualities such as

We have different types of escorts which vary according to their sexual orientation, race(ethnicity) and physical attributes which are listed below.


Escorts as humans that they are have various sexual characteristics which can be described as follows.


These are people who have characteristics that are normally associated with the opposite of their assigned sex..The term “shemale” was popularized by the porn industry. It is also used to describe a trans woman with male genitals augmented female breasts from breast augmentation and/or use of hormones.


These can be used to describe a person of an assigned sex having sexual relationship only with a person of the opposite sex or a romantic attraction between persons of opposite sex.


From experience some clients prefer only white female escorts. We respect that they have a right to make a choice of what they want and know that it has nothing to do with any form of racial discrimination. Here we shall simply classify them by their skin color




Our girls have two basic physical attributes which is slim (popularly called lepa shandy) and the BBW or Big beautiful women (popularly called orobo)

We keep to our word of being a high class escorts service cause each of our girl have been selected meticulously for this purpose as our girls are real professionals with careers like bankers,lawyers,doctors(Really!)marketers,insurance brokers and so much more while other escort agencies just rely on crude local girls without any verifiable background data to work for them which will be detrimental to your safety.

We know clients have different needs and expectations and we ensure that we do our best to provide girls that will best fit the description of our client’s request. Our girls are of different background and also have different physical attributes. We have Blond,Fair,Curly,Slim,Trim,Skinny,Buff,Well built,Tall,Petite,Average height, Dark Light,Fair,Olive,Tan,athletic, slim, Average and also Big Beautiful Women of all ethnicity including white girls

We offer a listening ear and always look for new ways to improve our clients experience with any of our escorts. We have a strict policy of always ensuring that our clients have a pleasant memorable experience with us. Unlike other escort agencies who are primarily interested in money making, we ensure that we give our client a unique pleasant experience as we believe in a continuous clientele relationship


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