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The capture of German Samoa

Before the outbreak of war, Prime Minister William Massey had made it clear that New Zealand’s main contribution would be supplying troops to the major theatre of conflict. After 5 August 1914, preparations to do this began rapidly. But before New Zealand could commit its troops to Europe, any direct threat in the Pacific region had to be removed. The first objective was to capture German Samoa.

The Germans had established a wireless station at Apia in Samoa. On 6 August, the British informed the New Zealand government that the capture of German Samoa would be a ‘great and urgent Imperial service’. Australian intelligence advised that a German-officered constabulary of around 80 men and a gunboat protected the station. This was no match for the New Zealand Expeditionary Force (NZEF) of about 1400 men, led by Colonel Robert Logan, which achieved its objective without resistance on 29 August. This was the second German territory, after Togoland in Africa, to fall to the Allies in the First World War.

On 23 August, Japan declared war on Germany, assuring the Allies of naval dominance in the Pacific. The Japanese quickly set about capturing German territories north of the Equator.

Main action

New Zealand’s wartime strategy was to sustain the NZEF as its main contribution to the war effort while also keeping up the food production that was so vital to the survival of Britain. Reinforcement drafts left New Zealand at regular intervals throughout the war.


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