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~~~~Checking the internet (and MBB came in just as swiftly as here in Toronto), I found condemnations of the area around the Vilnius train and bus stations as being "plagued" with hordes of prostitutes - some as young as eight years old from Belarus! All hopelessly exaggerated as it turned out. (I had been reading the newspaper coverage on the internet of a conference sponsored by an international women's rights group. Exaggeration is the stock in trade of such organizations, particularly when it comes to prostitution.) You start finding perhaps two or three desultory looking hookers close to the train station in the evenings but that's it. Later I saw two tall and very slender "Goth" girls but their faces looked so hard and worn that I decided to give it a pass, particularly since I had spoken to a young Lithuanian fellow who had told me that one of the girls working the area had pulled a vanishing trick with the fifty lits (room included) that she had charged! ~~

~~My hopes were still high, however, since I had seen more beautiful young girls on the streets of Vilnius than I'd ever seen anywhere else in my travels. I had put it down to young Lithuanian girls being slim and fit since they walked everywhere to save what little money they had for whatever they saw in fashion magazines. There is, however, another factor at work as well. Evidently, 90% of high school girls in Lithuania today want to be mannequins (models) like the ones they see in all the glitzy Lithuanian language fashion magazines (including a Lithuanian edition of Cosmopolitan) that have sprung up. They think all Western women look like the pictures in these magazines. So eating sparingly and working out at all the new fitness clubs - which they can barely afford - is all the rage among young girls. ~~

~~I finally found a whole host of ads for erotic massage by "passionate" young women under "Malonios Paslaugos" (Pleasant Services) on the back page of Noriu (I Want), a widely sold national buy-and-sell paper. (Only in that specific buy-and-sell paper, however.) Curiously, all the numbers were for cellular phones and they were all for Kaunas! ~~

~~I ended up visiting three of these "massage" parlours which were all in recently built high-rise apartments, all of whom charged 100 lits for a one hour session. I had initially asked for a slender girl. It turns out I should have been more specific. The first apartment was not at all nice and the girl was about 5'8" and 140 pounds, which was not exactly what I had in mind but not bad for a girl with a three month old baby. There was no pretense of "massage". She just got naked and proceeded to stimulate me until I was sufficiently aroused for a condom. She then proceeded with oral but after about ten minutes it dawned on me that it would be very difficult for me to ejaculate because I just did not find her attractive. After about 15-20 minutes of oral I told her that she might as well give it up. She wouldn't hear of it. She took the condom off and proceeded to jack me off while I kneeled. I finally spurted, bathed in sweat, after about 45 minutes. I gave her the full marks for effort she deserved! ~~

~~The second girl I visited was not slim either. She was about 5'5" and 148 pounds but quite pretty and very friendly. The apartment, which was described as romantic in the ad, was decent. She started me off with a very relaxing massage before asking me to flip. She then proceeded to get me hard as a rock by gently licking the inside of my thighs, my balls and then all the way up the shaft of my penis in turn. (I wonder why more women don't do this? Perhaps they aren't aware of how well it works?) She then gave me perhaps the best covered blow job I've ever had.

~~~~The following day I specified that I wanted a girl who weighed no more than fifty kilograms (110 pounds) on the phone. I was down to the last of eight ads offering in-call as opposed to out-call before I received a response that they had two such girls, one 44 and the other 47 kilograms. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the apartment, which was a ten minute twelve lit taxi ride from the center of Kaunas. The bedrooms themselves were gorgeous (although the washroom down the hall was sloppy). I chose the smaller girl who also happened to be both very pretty and very blond. She looked to be about 21 years old, 5'2"and had large A-cups. ~~


Lithuanian Escorts

Lithuania is a Northern European country, the northernmost of the three Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania). Lithuania, along with the other two Baltic States, gained independence after centuries of foreign dominance in the wake of World War One. Before the effects of the economic recession kicked in, Lithuania had one of the fastest growing economies in Europe.

Lithuanian escorts are among some of the most gorgeous in Europe, and perhaps the world. These girls are consistently sexy, stunning, stylish and seductive, and are well known and loved for their relentless dedication to the satisfaction of their clients. Their ever growing reputation has preceded their arrival in the UK, and their increasing numbers in this country have been a source of profound joy for many a UK escort enthusiast. Embodying all the best aspects of their country means that many who have always been interested in Lithuania but who have never had the opportunity to visit because of lacking finances or time will find that spending a night in the company of one of these stunning escorts is an experience so incredibly Lithuanian that it is comparable to actually visiting the country itself, as well as having a few additional advantages besides.

Although escorts Lithuania offers are sought out by those interested in their country of origin, the escorts from Lithuania are also sought by those who simply enjoy a good escort. Because these girls are so passionate about what they do, their clients can rest assured that they will achieve total satisfaction in the company of one or more of these beautiful escorts. And maybe they will even come away from their time together with a keen new interest in a country that can produce such exquisite escorts.

Many fellow Lithuanians living in the UK will also find themselves irresistibly drawn towards an escort Lithuania offers. Living away from one’s country of origin for too long a period of time will inevitably result in homesickness and feelings of nostalgia. There are a few short term remedies for this, including leafing through old photographs, phoning old friends or simply sitting and reminiscing, but the only sure way to do away with all feelings of homesickness is to have an utterly Lithuanian experience. And there are few experiences available in the UK so undeniably Lithuanian as spending a night with a Lithuanian escort.


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