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Indonesia's Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu said Manila had given approval to Indonesian Military (TNI) vessels guarding Indonesian barges until they reached Philippine waters, from where a Philippines Armed Forces vessel would escort them to their destination and back into Indonesian waters.

"There is no problem with the Philippines; we can enter its territory after reporting how many vessels and the number of personnel guarding them," Ryamizard was quoted as saying.

Once in the Philippine’s territory, the Philippine armed forces would become the head of the operation, and Indonesia would follow their commands, Ryamizard said, making assurances that the two parties had reached full understanding and there would not be any problems.

The minister is scheduled to meet his Philippine counterpart Delfin Lorenzana to further discuss the mechanism of the security operation ahead of its implementation on Thursday in Kuala Lumpur, where Malaysian Defense Minister Hishammudin Hussein will join them for a trilateral meeting aimed at stepping up security in the regional waters.

Ryamizard asserted that during the meeting, the three countries would finalize the mechanism of the joint Navy exercises that will precede the implementation of the joint sea patrols, as a follow-up of the trilateral maritime security agreement signed in May.

Some of the sexy babes at King’s Cross.

I’ve already told you about Jakarta’s sex clubs. Today I’m going to give you my list of the five best sex clubs in the country. This is based on my opinion as a foreigner who has never spent more than a month in the country straight and doesn’t speak a lick of Bahasa Indonesia. There may be some underground clubs around that beat these but I don’t know where they are or how they work. What I found was more than enough for me.

Terminal 2 located on the second floor of the Classic Hotel is a nice big club that is spaced out so that it doesn’t look crowded even when it really is. The drinks are cheap, the waitresses are responsive, there’s live entertainment including a nude floor show, and there are couches all around the club where women wait for customers to pick them up. Each set of coaches has its own female managers. They all wear matching uniforms so it’s easy to figure out. You can hang out and drink with the girl or take her to one of the nice short time rooms downstairs for 325,000 Rupiah which is about 30 dollars American. For another 200,000 Rupiah you can add a second girl from the same group. The women are all in their 20’s, fit and firm. Some of the chicks are smoking hot and they’re almost all doable. Some of the dancing girls can grind on you and fondle your junk if you buy a certain amount of lady drinks.

Alexis Hotel is a lot more than the name might suggest. It’s a big building filled with all kinds of entertainment options for men. There’s the usual club but that only comes alive at night. I’m not a big clubber anymore even though I hit them up sometimes when I’m chasing tail. Since it’s basically a guarantee at Alexis I don’t need to subject myself to the club scene. The best place is the spa on the seventh floor. The elevators open into heaven with a room looking like something out of the massage parlor scene in Rush Hour 2. The room is filled with seats. Some are taken by customers but most are filled with women. They hang together according to nationality. The Indo girls sit in one area, Chinese women in another area, Thai women in another area and ex-Soviet State chicks in yet another corner.  The prices are higher at Alexis than most other places but the hundred or two hundred bucks charged per session is worth it considering you get to play in a swimming pool with the lady before taking her to a luxurious private room. The Thai chicks ask too much for me though since they look like soapy massage retirees.

Malioboro located on Jalan Gadjah Madah is one of the biggest clubs in the whole city. Whoever built this place put a lot of care and attention into their work. It looks like a huge hotel but there’s a lot more fun going on inside. On the ground floor there’s a dance club filled with working girls from around the world and a full spa. Up the stairs there’s a strip club with some of the hottest dancers to be found anywhere in Asia. These Indonesian honeys do the rounds in pair and ask you to buy them sets of drink shots. If you give in they drop their bikini tops and let you suck their tits and rub their asses while they grind all over your boner. There are couches in the back filled with women from around the world that you can take to a private room. The prices depend on where the woman is from. Locals charge 350,000 Rupiah but Russians are 2,000,000.

Travel Hotel across from the Hotel 88 on Mangga Besar VIII is really well known. A lot of people recommended this place to me before I had the lay of the land. It’s not the best but I can see why it’s so well liked. It’s nicely run and the staff is on point. The managers have a good grasp on things and can make your stay pleasurable. You can take one of the many ladies to a nice private room for 350,000 Rupiah.

King Cross is my favorite club in Jakarta. It’s also the cheapest other than Terminal 2 even though it has all the amenities. There’s a cover charge but it’s almost nothing. King Kross is another big building. There’s a kind of strip club on the ground floor that looks like the one in Malioboro. Customers sit at tables. Some sexy women dance in the middle of the floor. On either side of the floor there are couches with lots of local women. You can take them upstairs into one of the nice private rooms for only 335,000 Rupiah. The dancers are a lot more but the prices are still reasonable. As you move up more services are available. One floor has full service massages for a half million Rupiah. Another has a dance club filled with working girls that charge even more.

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