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Part of a series on the
History of Ethiopia
Early history
Antiquity to 1st century BC
Aksum to 10th century AD
Middle Ages
Antiquity to 1st century BC
Aksum to 10th century AD
Zagwe dynasty to 1268
Early Solomonic period 1270–1529
Early modern history
Ethiopian–Adal War 1527–1543
Great Oromo migration 1543 – 17th century
Habesh Eyalet 1557 – 17th century
Early Gondar period 1632–1769
Aussa Sultanate 1734–1974
Zemene Mesafint 1769–1855
Modern history
Unification 1855–1913
First Italo–Ethiopian War 1895–1896
Pre-Italian Modernization 1913–1936
Second Italo–Ethiopian War 1935–1936
Italian East Africa 1936–1941
East African Campaign 1941
Italian guerrilla war 1941–1943
Post-Italian Modernization 1941–1974
Federation with Eritrea 1952–1962
Eritrean Independence 1961–1991
Ethiopian Civil War 1974–1991
Recent history
Ethiopian general election 2005
Ogaden conflict 2007–2008
War in Somalia 2006–2009
  • Military
  • Aristocracy
  • Currency (Aksumite)
  • Emperor
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  • Timeline[edit]


    Bronze Age contacts with Egypt[edit]





    Middle Ages[edit]

    Zagwe dynasty[edit]

    Foreign Relations[edit]

    Early Solomonic period (1270–1529)[edit]

    Portuguese influence[edit]

    The Abyssinian-Adal War (1529–1543)[edit]

    Oromo Movements[edit]

    Oromo migrations

    Gondarine Period[edit]

    Early Gondar period (1632–1769)[edit]

    Aussa Sultanate[edit]

    Zemene Mesafint[edit]

    This era was, on one hand, a religious conflict between settling Muslims and traditional Christians, between nationalities they represented, and on the other hand between feudal lords on power over the central government.

    Mikael Sehul had compromised the power of the Emperor, and from this point forward it lay ever more openly in the hands of the great nobles and military commanders. This point of time has been regarded as one start of the Era of the Princes.



    Tewodros II and Tekle Giyorgis II (1855–1872)[edit]

    In early 1868, the British force seeking Tewodros’ surrender, after he refused to release imprisoned British subjects, arrived on the coast of Massawa. The British and Dajazmach Kassa came to an agreement in which Kassa would let the British pass through Tigray (the British were going to Magdala which Tewodros had made his capital) in exchange for money and weapons. Surely enough, when the British completed their mission and were leaving the country, they rewarded Kassa for his cooperation with artillery, muskets, rifles, and munitions, all in all worth approximately £500,000 (Marcus 2002, pp. 71–72). This formidable gift came in handy when in July 1871 the current emperor, Emperor Tekle Giyorgis II, attacked Kassa at his capital in Adwa, for Kassa had refused to be named a ras or pay tribute (Marcus, H. 2002, 72). Although Kassa's army was outnumbered 12,000 to the emperor's 60,000, Kassa's army was equipped with more modern weapons and better trained. At battle's end, forty percent of the emperor's men had been captured. The emperor was imprisoned and would die a year later. Six months later on 21 January 1872, Kassa became the new emperor under the name Yohannes IV (Zewde, B. 2001, 43).

    Yohannes IV (1872–1889)[edit]

    Menelik II (1889–1913)[edit]

    Iyasu V, Zauditu and Haile Selassie (1913–1936)[edit]

    Italian period (1936–1941)[edit]

    World War II[edit]

    Post–World War II period (1941–1974)[edit]

    Communist period (1974–1991)[edit]

    Federal Democratic Republic (1991–present)[edit]

    Eritrea separated from Ethiopia following the fall of the Derg in 1991, after a long independentist war.

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  • References[edit]


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    • Fascist Legacy, Ken Kirby, Royaume-Uni, 1989, documentary 2x50min Fascist Legacy on YouTube

    Historical documents[edit]

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    • (Amharic) Original letters from Ethiopian emperors, website of the national archives of Addis Abeba


    • A Brief History of Trade and Business in Ethiopia from Ancient to Modern Times, Richard Pankhurst, 1999: set of 2 articles published in the Addis Tribune summarizing a speech by Dr. Pankhurst at the 74’th District Conference and Assembly of Rotary International, in Addis Ababa 7–9 May 1999
    • Ethiopia Across the Red Sea and Indian Ocean, Richard Pankhurst, 1999: set of 3 articles published in the Addis Tribune newspaper in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on the relations between Ethiopia and countries on the Indian Ocean in ancient and early medieval times
    • A History of Early Twentieth Century Ethiopia, Richard Pankhurst, 1997: set of 20 articles published in the Addis Tribune summarizing the history of Ethiopia from the beginning of the 20th century until the 1960s
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    Further reading[edit]

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