Cameroon escorts directory

Cameroon escorts directory

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African Motorcade, Escort, President of Cameroon

Coordinates: 6°N 12°E / 6°N 12°E / 6; 12

Republic of Cameroon
République du Cameroun
Flag Coat of arms
"Paix – Travail – Patrie" (French)
"Peace – Work – Fatherland"
Ô Cameroun, Berceau de nos Ancêtres  (French)
O Cameroon, Cradle of our Forefathers a
Capital Yaoundé[1]
3°52′N 11°31′E / 3.867°N 11.517°E / 3.867; 11.517
Largest city Douala[1]
Official languages French
Ethnic groups
  • 31% Cameroon Highlanders
  • 19% Equatorial Bantu
  • 11% Kirdi
  • 10% Fulani
  • 8% Northwestern Bantu
  • 7% Eastern Nigritic
  • 13% other African
  • <1% non-African
  • Demonym Cameroonian
    Government Unitary dominant-party presidential republic
     •  President Paul Biya[1]
     •  Prime Minister Philémon Yang
    Legislature Parliament of Cameroon
     •  Upper house Senate
     •  Lower house National Assembly
    Independence from France
     •  Declared 1 January 1960 
     •  Annexation of former
    British Cameroons
    1 October 1961 
     •  Total 475,442 km2 (54th)
    183,569 sq mi
     •  Water (%) 0.57
     •  July 2013 estimate 22,534,532[1] (56th)
     •  2005 census 17,463,836[2]
     •  Density 39.7/km2 (167th)
    102,8/sq mi
    GDP (PPP) 2016 estimate
     •  Total .895 billion[3]
     •  Per capita ,246[3]
    GDP (nominal) 2016 estimate
     •  Total .790 billion[3]
     •  Per capita ,299[3]
    Gini (2007)  44.6[4]
    HDI (2014)  0.512[5]
    low · 153rd
    Currency Central African CFA franc (XAF)
    Time zone WAT (UTC+1)
    Drives on the right
    Calling code +237
    ISO 3166 code CM
    Internet TLD .cm
    a. These are the titles as given in the Constitution of the Republic of Cameroon, Article X (English at the Wayback Machine (archived 28 February 2006) and French at the Wayback Machine (archived 28 February 2006) versions). 18 January 1996. The French version of the song is sometimes called Chant de Ralliement, as in Swarovski Orchestra (2004). National Anthems of the World. Koch International Classics; and the English version "O Cameroon, Cradle of Our Forefathers", as in DeLancey and DeLancey 61.

    Cameroon/ˌkæməˈruːn/CamerounRepublic of CameroonRépublique du Cameroun


    Rio dos Camarões

    19th century[edit]

    20th century[edit]

    Independence (1960)[edit]

    21st century[edit]

    Politics and government[edit]

    Political culture[edit]

    Foreign relations[edit]

    Administrative divisions[edit]

    départementspréfetsarrondissementssous-prefetschefs de district

    Extrême NordNordAdamaouaCentreEstSudLittoralSud-OuestNord-OuestOuest

    Education and health[edit]


    Economy and infrastructure[edit]



    Population in Cameroon[105]
    Year Million
    1971 7.0
    1990 12.2
    2009 19.5
    Source: OECD/World Bank
  • v
  • t
  • e
  • Largest cities or towns in Cameroon
    Rank Name Region Pop.


    1 Douala Littoral 1 338 082
    2 Yaoundé Centre 1 299 369
    3 Garoua North 436 899
    4 Kousséri Far North 435 547
    5 Bamenda Northwest 393 835
    6 Maroua Far North 319 941
    7 Bafoussam West 290 768
    8 Mokolo Far North 275 239
    9 Ngaoundéré Adamawa 231 357
    10 Bertoua East 218 111


    On 4 June 2014, AlertNet reported:




    Music and dance[edit]


    Local arts and crafts[edit]




    See also[edit]

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    • Outline of Cameroon
    • Military of Cameroon
    • Agriculture in Cameroon



    Further reading[edit]

    External links[edit]

    • Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon
    • Prime Minister's Office
    • National Assembly of Cameroon
    • Global Integrity Report: Cameroon has reporting on anti-corruption in Cameroon
    • Chief of State and Cabinet Members
    • "Cameroon". The World Factbook. Central Intelligence Agency. 
    • "Cameroon Corruption Profile". Business Anti-Corruption Portal. 
    • Cameroon from UCB Libraries GovPubs
    • Cameroon at DMOZ
    • Cameroon profile from the BBC News
    • Wikimedia Atlas of Cameroon
    • Key Development Forecasts for Cameroon from International Futures
    • "Summary Trade Statistics Cameroon". World Bank. 


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