Australia escorts directory

Australia escorts directory

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The most comprehensive escort directory in Australia. Our directory feature an extensive and incredible selection of gorgeous Australian escorts who, in addition to having great looks, also have charming, engaging and sophisticated personalities. We desire to bring you something new to the table and not the normal experiences you normally have when dealing with other escort directories in the country. 

If you are looking for the right lady to have an extended evening with after a long day at work or you just want a worthwhile company to spend the weekend with, we are delighted to let you know that you will be literally be spoilt for choices with the options you will find available in our directory. 

Elite Sydney Escorts

Delightful diversity 

With a delightful diversity, it makes it easy for many people to find the kind of satisfaction they were hoping for from the escort services. From petite ladies through to buxom ladies, this directory has a lady for everyone and who is always ready to meet all your needs and help you achieve all your desires and deepest fantasies. The following is just a small sample of what you can expect from our delightful diversity of escorts-:

  • Busty escorts – if you love large or small breasted ladies, you will be happy with the kind of selection we have for you.
  • Bisexual escorts – for fun, friendly and naughty bisexual experiences, you can go for our bisexual escorts and enjoy some thrilling moments with likeminded individuals. 
  • Young escorts – do you prefer to hang out and enjoy the beauty of early twenty something ladies? They are very sexy, energetic and extremely efficient in fulfilling your desires as far as matters between the sheets are concerned. 
  • Blonde escorts – would you like to relive the experiences you usually witness in erotic movies scenes or would you like to be in the company of very beautiful ladies like models and top superstars? You no longer have to dream about such since by using werescorts, you will find a plethora of such girls who will promise to give you bliss of a lifetime. Simply take your time to grow through the profiles to identify the probable ladies likely to grant you with this kind of experience then go ahead and book them. 
  • Redhead escorts – Many people fantasise spending quality time with redheads. However, you can stop all the fantasies and turn them into a reality by booking a redhead escort for whatever services you want from our directory. 
  • Brunette escorts – perhaps you wish to try out sex styles and moves you usually watch in adult sites but you have been wondering if you will ever have chance to give them a try. Well, here is a unique opportunity to try them out. Simply book one of the brunette escorts and be ready for some explosive session as you explore your deepest fantasies. 

Get the most from your escort experience

To get the most from the directory, you need to consider deeply the specific services you desire from the escorts. For instance, if you want to have a threesome, a GFE, BDSM or a full body massage, you should concentrate only on the specific ladies whom have indicated in their profiles that they offer such services. With this approach, it will be easy for you to identify the right lady and with a higher probability of getting satisfied with the services to be rendered. 

Additionally, our directory has a user review segment integrated in it. You should also make good use of the user submitted reviews when making your booking. Your concern should be the ladies with good reviews since it demonstrates that past clients were happy with their services and you may also be happy should you decide to use their services. Don’t spend your time and energy browsing through the profiles of the ladies without rosy reviews from past clients. 

Useful tips for first-timers

  • Take your time to read the escort profiles in the directory and consider only those that offer the services you need and have good user reviews. 
  • Have payment ready when the escort arrives and place it where she will easily see it, preferably in the bathroom on a table on the doorway. 
  • Only ask the services you booked for and don’t make last minute changes.
  • Treat the lady like she is your and you will be the king for that session. 

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Escorts Perth

Getting female escorts in Perth has never been easy with the services provided by This is your one-stop-site for finding hot babes who will be willing to accord you company to whichever place you want and provide you with any kind of adult service to bring to life your wildest fantasies. Be it a corporate event or a social gathering, you can count on the thousands of sexy ladies in this directory to give you great moments.

Strict selection process to maintain quality

A Pool of Females – Right at your Fingertips

Outright dating is no longer an option to many men. The process of winning the heart of a girl and sustaining a relationship comes with a lot of time commitment and resources. With our services it’s possible to enjoy time with the girl or guy of your dreams. Select from a massive number of BBW, Transsexual escorts, Blondes, Brunettes and more! With dating you don’t just have to search for and find the right woman, but also you have to spend a considerable amount of time in building a relationship with no guarantees that it will last longer. Through our services you can get straight to the best parts of a relationship!

Though there are men who are willing to take this long and tortuous path, there is also a group of the male population who can’t withstand all that and all they want is instant result with their women. At, we care for the needs of latter group by availing a pool of women right at your fingertips.

All you have to do is to look at the various female escorts at the directory, make your choice and the payment then the lady will be on her way to your place. It doesn’t matter whether or not you have laid a lady in the past. Explode your wildest passions with some of the hottest ladies in Perth with the help of our directory.

Experience how it feels to be rich and famous

Having more than one lady at a time is a phenomenon associated with the rich and famous guys. Even in the past, the powerful in the society used to surround themselves with the most beautiful women during their time. You too can learn how it feels to be rich and famous without necessarily having all the wealth in the world. This is possible when you book two or more escort females in Perth.

Whether you are in need of a threesome or you want to experience wild passion with different kinds of women in the same night, every wildest dream you have ever had about women will literally come to life. In case you are the reserved type and all you need is to rest, then this is the place to get quality erotic massage services with happy endings. It saves you a lot of hassles compared to visiting some of the boring brothels in Perth to score a lady.

Escorts for all occasions

You don’t need female escorts to satisfy your sexual desires alone. The services of our escorts are wide and varied. Sometimes you are visiting Perth for business and you need company or an erotic massage after a long day full of presentations. Or maybe you are in town for some social event and you don’t want to be the only person walking into the venue alone. With the help of our dead gorgeous beauties, every head will turn around when you walk in. And since we also offer adult services, this is the place to quench any sexual thirst you may have. Let lonely evenings and boring weekends be history whenever you are in Perth. We have the perfect company for you.

Your Privacy is 100% Guaranteed

Therefore, go ahead and make your selection of your preferred blonde with full confidence knowing that your privacy will be guarded very closely.


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Consensual Non-Consent Sex


She did not give consent to be betrayed by her co-star or director. She did not give consent to be violated in such a way for the big screen. Our hearts go out to her. We stand with her because she was violated.


If Bertolucci and Brando had been real men, they would have not exploited and violated Ms. Schneider in such a way that has now appalled and disgusted movie viewers and humans in general. If they had talked to Ms. Schneider, she could have easily given them the okay to film the controversial scene as a consensual non-consent sex scene.


What does consensual non-consent sex mean?





When one gives consensual non-consent permission, they relinquish control on a short term or long term basis with an extreme trust and understanding of yourself and your partner. Your blanket consent of whatever sexual act(s) you and your trusted partner have planned or discussed can happen at any time or place.




Though controversial in the BDSM communities, CNC usually falls to those who are in a 24/7 Master/Slave relationship. (You can think 50 Shades of Grey if Christian hadn’t fallen in love with a gal who wanted a career or her own life.)





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