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The phrase ‘fetish escort’ is generally used by individuals who wish to experience certain fetish activities with a professional provider to describe the individual that would offer that kind of service to them. It should be noted immediately that the phrase is considered by many providers of fetish services to be incorrect and insulting: as such, ProDomme.com suggests that unless it is otherwise stated, you should never refer to any individual within the industry that provides fetish experiences as a fetish escort.

It is a Mistake to Refer to a Pro Domme as a Fetish Escort

For many years, the word ‘escort’ has been used to describe an individual that provides sexual services in exchange for payment. While ProDomme.com accepts that there is a basis of sexual gratification as a result of experiencing fetish activities, the word itself is used by mainstream providers of sexual services where intercourse takes place. It would be reasonable to assume that under no circumstances will any professional dominatrix provide you with the opportunity to have intercourse with her: thus, using the phrase ‘fetish escort’ has a faulty implication as to what exactly is going to be experienced by the client. Avoiding this phrase is encouraged for any dominatrix that has no intention of allowing herself to be a traditional escort: it should be assumed by any slave of a professional domme that there will be no possibility of standard vanilla practices of sexual interaction.Naturally, ProDomme.com tries to use the phrase as little as possible: we respect the choices that professional providers of fetish services make, and as such, we do our best to keep this language as far away from our text as possible. However, for the sake of education and understanding, we will from time to time include the language in an article in order to help new people to the world of BDSM understand the point of view of the people they may one day deal with. Our stance is that it is better to mention the phrase ‘fetish escort’ where appropriate so long as it is surrounded by a clear disclaimer that mentions the fact that no domme wishes to be referred to using such language.

ProDomme.com strives to be the number one location on the web for clients and dominatrices alike to find one another. While we do not provide fetish escort listings, we do provide professional domme listings. So long as you have a clear understanding of the type of mistresses you are likely to encounter, as well as their position on standard physical and sexual interaction with clients, we urge you to take a look through our extensive archive of local mistresses that can help you experience the sub/dom power exchange you’ve been dreaming of.

We hope that this article has provided you with enough information so that in future, you avoid using language that is considered offensive and incorrect by providers of fetish services. Remember that the word escort should never be used in conjunction with BDSM-focused fetish services: all of the professional dommes here on our platform are likely to never respond to you if you ever use language that does not accurately reflect the services they provide.

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